Week 1 ORT 2018: Coast to Coast

October is here! We’re out the road talking about our mission, mobilizing our community to take action, and expanding the reach of our Right To Know (RTK) and Resources After Diagnosis (RAD) programs.

We’ve been out in the wild for one week now, connecting with you and learning about why you fundraise and helping you raise even more!

Last Saturday, we had a kickoff extravaganza fundraiser at our HQ in Santa Ana and sent our Open Road team off in style.

That night, we hit the ground running, and we haven’t looked back.


By the numbers

  • 3,218 miles traveled
  • 48 hours driven
  • 3 CrossFit affiliate stops
  • 300+ new friends made and signatures on the bus
  • 8 bags of Siete chips eaten + 3 dips
  • 32 RXBAR bars eaten and 30 packets of RX nut butters
  • 30 BUBS collagen scoops in Bulletproof Coffee
  • 29 Zevia‘s gulped
  • 18 gas fill ups
  • 2 KOA sleepovers, 1 rest stop sleepover, and one bunk bed adventure at Power Monkey Fitness Camp!
  • 8 times we’ve made our bed… (if you’re really interested in our sleep, read our sleep blog)
  • 7 full new albums listened to on Spotify
  • 2 epic funny stories (keep reading for these gems)

Our first week’s route

Thank you to all of our hosts along the way. We had an incredible time hanging out, celebrating life, and fundraising with old friends and meeting new ones at:


A photo speaks 1,000 words

So we’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

Thank you to our friends all over this awesome country for making week one phenomenal! If you read this whole thing, here are the funny stories promised above.

  1. We mounted a Go Pro to the windshield for the first leg of the tour and within 30 minutes we meant to hit the blinker but hit the windshield wipers and it completely knocked the GoPro onto the highway. Not to worry, our team went and got it…from the highway. A couple of scrapes and bruises later, the GoPro is still alive and well.
  2. We almost hit a clearance on Long Island that was 10’4.” You can imagine the miscommunication between someone yelling, “10-4! 10-4!” and the driver thinking we were all understood. For reference, our vehicle is just over 12’.

Next week

We’re headed to the heart of the United States, the Midwest.

Will we #SeeYouOnTheRoad?

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