Did you know our Resources After Diagnosis (RAD) program has a private Facebook group for individuals with breast cancer and co-survivors who are interested in fitness?

The BFB RAD Support Group is a safe space for CrossFitters, weightlifters, yogis, runners, and fitness enthusiast survivors of all kinds to be themselves, share their experiences, and be a part of a larger online survivor community.

When we created this group, we had no idea the level of impact it would have. The group is completely community driven, the members lead the conversation, and there is such an amazing amount of support and positivity daily.

If you’re looking for a safe place to ask questions, share stories and experiences, and offer and receive support in any way, you’re welcome to join the group! These strong women and men inspire us daily simply by being themselves.

Check out this post by one of the group members:

This community is here for you whenever you’re ready. Join the BFB RAD Support Group.

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